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Kari A rug, in grey

  • Kari

    A rug, in grey

Heute 199 €


Striped rug

What colour’s your living space? And what style is it? Perfect. The Kari rug will fit in, no problem. Simple vertical bars in an array of tones - it’s so versatile for any home.

Alternating stripes

Notice the different textures. Alternating rows of high and low-pile viscose, giving the striped pattern an extra dimension, and a subtle sheen.

Tootsie friendly

We’ve done the touch test for you and believe us - this is one soft rug. Socks will not be required when you rest your feet here.

Two options

By the way - we do this rug in two colourways. A primary-coloured version and a subtle grey option. Both tufted with contrast stitching around the sides.

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