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Logan A hallstand, in grey
Designed by Futhark Design

  • Logan

    A hallstand, in grey
    Designed by Futhark Design
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Helpful hallstand

Hallway storage usually comprises a console table, a coat rack, a cabinet… and a wall mirror for last-minute checks. But with Logan, you can have all of those in one.

Hidden storage

It has a rack for jackets, and hooks for bags and scarves. The storage compartments behind the mirror keep keys and coins within reach but out of sight.

For small spaces

Logan takes up next-to-no space, so it’s perfect for hallways or even the spare box room. No need to buy a big wardrobe if guests can hang their clothes here.

Futhark Design

Logan is part of a collaboration between us and the innovate Futhark Design team. They advocate sleek, Scandinavian design and muted colours.

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