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Mist A pendant light, in white

  • Mist

    A pendant light, in white
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Designed anew

For those that like the industrial look, but want something a bit softer. Mist has the on-trend cage but with a white overlay. It diffuses the light, giving the room a softer, more flattering glow.

Team Livingetc

It was designed in collaboration with Livingetc. The brief was to make a statement piece that experiments with new forms and materials, without being overdesigned. We think this achieves that balance.

Precious form

The diamond shape is all part of its charm. The wire frame is moulded into an ellipse with thick, woven cotton stretched taught over it.

Any scenery

The reason lanterns are so popular is that they go with any décor. However, we definitely see this one hanging in the living room or hallway, with the matching table lamp going in your bedroom.

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