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Infra-red Technology

With touch free sensors for clever waste disposal - simply hover your hand 10cm above the lid to open. Closes after 5 seconds of inactivity.

Contemporary Style

Hygienic and sleek looking too, with a slimline silhouette. Perfect for contemporary kitchens - more colours and sizes available.

Easy Care

In non-corrosive polished stainless steel, plus a matching lid. Has a removable inner bucket - takes standard bin bags.

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Product Dimensions
General Dimensions 85cm height x 31cm diameter
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Product Details
Materials Body and lid - non-corrosive stainless steel. Inner bucket - plastic
Finish Polished
Capacity 50 litres
Opening and closing mechanism Touch-free sensor technology - opens and closes automatically
Batteries Requires 4 x AA batteries - not included
Assembly Not required
Weight 6kg

Questions about this product (7)

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Sharon, 13 Sep 2012

Will I be able to clean the lid of this bin by submerging it in hot soapy water?

Made Customer Services, 13 Sep 2012

The sense bins are made from metal and can be cleaned with a towel or a damp cloth. However the lid contains the batteries and sensor so should not be subjected to immersion in water.

Carol , 9 Jan 2012

Can I use this bin without batteries? How would I operate the lid manually?

Made Customer Services, 9 Jan 2012

The lid of the sense bin has two indentations which can act as a handle if you wish to operate the bin without batteries.

Kumiko , 1 Jun 2012

How do I insert the batteries?

Made Customer Services, 1 Jun 2012

There is a compartment underneath the lid that you can remove the cover from and then insert the batteries.

Harriet , 20 Jan 2012

Which kind of bin-bags I would need to get for the Sense 50L bin? I want to check they are easy to get before I buy the bins!

Made Customer Services, 20 Jan 2012

I have one of these bins myself at home. I just use a standard 50L black bin bag. And because of the way the bin is designed you don't even see the bin bag when in use.

Miriam, 14 Jan 2012

Is there a way to manually open the lid on the Sense bin?

Made Customer Services, 14 Jan 2012

The bin can be used manually. You just need to lift the lid up and there is no need to have batteries if you do not want to.

Terry, 27 Jul 2012

How long will batteries last?

Made Customer Services, 27 Jul 2012

This depends on how much the bin is used. Batteries should last several months and you can also use rechargeable batteries should you wish.

David , 7 Dec 2012

How tall is this bin with the lid up?

Made Customer Services, 7 Dec 2012

The 50L bin and recycle bin with the lid open are 107 cm tall. The height of the 30L bin is 77cms from floor to tip with the lid open.

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