Our badges

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Our badges

Our badges can help you shop sustainably, at a glance. Learn what they mean here.

“These badges surface our material commitments so you can make informed buying choices, quickly and easily.”

We're on a mission to reduce our environmental impact. One of the first steps? Looking at the materials we use and how we work. The badges show our commitments being put into practice, and help you discover our most sustainable products.

Organic materials

Highlights products that are produced organically. That means no synthetic chemicals were used to grow the material fibres. Any materials that are stated as ‘organic’ are third party-certified.

Recycled materials

Highlights products made with recycled materials. By the end of 2021, that’ll include 100% of our polyester velvet range (plus a few others). All materials that are stated as ‘recycled’ are third party certified.

Innovative materials

Highlights products that are created using reprocessed fabrics, repurposed by-products or upcycled materials – anything goes, as long as it’s innovative! (Our Kysler pet bed is a great example.)

Traceable timber

Highlights solid timber that we can trace back to forest of origin. As part of our 2021 goals, we’re committed to only using wood that comes from legal and responsibly managed forests

Visited factory

Highlights products made in a factory that our team has visited recently. We’re committed to regularly visiting manufacturing sites ourselves so we have full visibility of the production process – and our trusted third parties visit any sites that we can't.

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