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Cotton Bedspreads

Your bed is your palace

If being snug and cosy is your thing, then like us you’ll love our cotton bedspreads and quilts. You can revamp the entire look of your bedroom by simply throwing on something from our textile collection, which takes in all manner of cool detailing including tassels, hand-stitched weaving and classic puckering. As the cold nights draw in, extra layers are a necessity for keeping toasty and cloud-like while making sure you catch every one of those ZZZs. They’re also handy for when that impromptu guest crashes on your sofa after a big night. And, of course, for all your fort-building needs (we won’t judge).

A rainbow of hues

Choosing a colour scheme for the place where the magic happens can feel daunting – but no fear: it’s much easier than you think. We recommend picking one shade that you really love (close your eyes and imagine warm hues that make you feel all mmm) then find complementary ones that conjure up peaceful, loving thoughts. A cotton quilt is a nice way to introduce those tones – and the best part is that it’s completely landlord-friendly: no paint rollers in sight. Need some more ideas? Browse our foolproof guide to introducing colour into your bedroom.

The magic touch

The golden rule when it comes to tying a room together is to have contrasting textures. We love mixing materials such as velvet, linen and silk so it feels all rich and luxurious in the sleeping space. Adding in an interestingly textured cotton quilted bedspread makes a lovely contrast with soft, smooth bedsheets. We're also fans of waffle as it brings an elegant, spa-like quality. Velvet, too, adds a certifiably regal touch (as well as being a stroke magnet).

Give your bed a glow-up

Why stop at just the bedspread? Explore our wide collection of cushions to add finesse to the space (the more the merrier, we say), or take a look at our designer bed frames – or simply a new headboard if you fancy a style switch-up. Don’t forget to browse our duvet cover sets, sheets and pillowcases in a variety of colours and fabrics. Let’s face it: what’s better than slipping into a freshly made bed with brand new sheets? Refreshing your bedroom is easier than you think, so check out our guide to making over your sleeping spot to get things juuuuuust perfect.