Grey King Size Beds

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Grey king size beds to spread out

What could be more relaxing than lying down and enjoying a good night’s sleep on one of our designer grey king size beds? Available in different designs and materials, our king size beds in grey will add some eye-catching sophistication to your space. Take a look at some of our stunning bed frames now and find your perfect match today.

What makes our king size beds so special?

Our quality beds are truly MADE for you. Hand-picked materials, soft upholstery and on-trend designs are just some of the benefits you will enjoy with one of our king sized bed frames. And with a width of 5 feet, you have plenty of space to roll around and starfish while enjoying the best beauty sleep of your life. 

The best grey beds for sweet dreams

Our king size beds in grey will certainly make an attractive centrepiece in your bedroom. To help you find the perfect bed, here are some of our favourites. If classic is your vibe, then Charley is your ideal match. This hail grey king size bed with oak stain legs will introduce some retro vibes, without the hefty price tag. If you prefer something more simple and with a Scandinavian vibe, then check out Almera. The soft cool grey upholstery on this bed frame will suit any décor and guarantee a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Since a king size bed will occupy quite a lot of space, think about an option that combines style with function. Introducing our stylish grey storage beds. For a true eye-catcher, look no further than Lamas. Upholstered in a curated choice of grey wool, cotton or plush velvet, this statement bed with integrated drawers will add some hotel-like feel and style. If you prefer an ottoman style storage bed, then check out Lex. This king size bed comes with chevron striped quilting, a padded headboard and lift-up storage. And all in pretty marl grey.

Decorate your bedroom

Grey is truly the perfect addition to any home. It’s neutral, effortlessly elegant and serves as the perfect base to decorate with some bold (or light if you prefer) colours and patterns. To help you bring some colour into your bedroom the right way, have a quick read through our handy guide

And while you’re already here, don’t forget to take a look at our stunning home furnishings and accessories. To turn your bedroom into a cosy retreat, think about adding some textiles to introduce some warmth. From cushions and throws to rugs and bedding - we’ve got you covered.