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Alfresco aptitude

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Jul 8, 2011

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It's looking like we have another weekend of dicey weather on the horizon. But don't let that dampen your spirits.

Alfresco adventures are all the rage right now, with open air bars, restaurants, gigs and film screenings seemingly popping up everywhere. And, though we don't always have the sunshine on our side, we Brits are apparently Europe's biggest barbecuers. Who'd have thunk it?

So, in case you're planning an outdoorsy do at home this season – whether a full-on cookout or swishy drinks and canapés party - here are our tips on getting that 'summer feeling' vibe going. Even if the elements are conspiring against you.

  • Create a focal point. Whatever your set-up, pick something to pull it together visually. Think striking and colourful - herbs roasting on a firepit, or a Legend Cafe Table topped with a giant bowl of citrus fruits.
  • Think about seating. The more the merrier, right? But it's almost impossible to eat with a plate of food in one hand and a drink in the other. As far as your space allows, try and accommodate bums on seats. The Alanzo Patio Set is a great Ibiza-style choice, while our genius Flexible Love Chairs can grow as your gathering does!
  • Go easy on yourself. Fair enough you've taken it on yourself to host, but parties are supposed to be fun for everyone involved - including you. Asking people to bring a signature dish will mix things up, ease your workload and get people talking.
  • Sort out your sound. If you're keen on music, put some time into arranging a set-up that works outdoors. And once the sun goes down, bear in mind that your neighbours might not appreciate the tunes blaring at full blast. If they're not out partying with you, that is.
  • Be prepared... Have a back up option should the heavens open up – keep your oven on in case you need to herd everyone back inside at a moment's notice.

Check this space for more outdoor ideas coming soon. Happy hosting everyone!

2 thoughts on “Alfresco aptitude”

  • David Forgie said:

    July 28, 2011

    Info on the flexible love chairs required,how weather proof is the material for leaving outside.

  • Andrea said:

    July 28, 2011

    Hi David,

    The Flexible Love Chair isn't suitable for keeping permanently outdoors, as it's made from recycled paper and wood. We'll keep you posted though, should we add a weather-proof version!

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