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MADE Emerging Talent Award 2016 Shortlist

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Aug 5, 2016

eta_2016We've been itching to reveal the 6 finalists our judges have chosen for the Emerging Talent Award 2016. The judges narrowed down hundreds of impressive entries to bring you these.

Now, it's all down to you. You decide which design we make and put on our site. This could potentially launch the career of one of these new designers, so choose wisely.

Read on to find out a bit more about each design, and then vote for your favourite.

Cairn by KIMXGENSAPA Design Studio

Cairn by KIMXGENSAPA Design Studio
Capri, Italy

“This reminds me of Chinese dim sum trays. It’s super practical, and really strong. Our customers will love the colour graduation, and I’d love to see it in graded grey” - Ruth Wassermann

Vote for Cairn.

Drag and Drop by Saverio Incombenti

Drag and Drop by Saverio Incombenti
Milan, Italy

“What caught our attention most in this project is the use of textile. We also like that with very little design intervention it becomes a very useful piece of furniture for compact living.” - Cate & Nelson

Vote for Drag and Drop.

D Stressed Mirror by James Wallace

D Stressed Mirror by James Wallace
Shrewsbury, Great Britain

“Mirrors can open up a space and this one has a distressed, urban feel to it, which I like. It’s a real statement piece.” - Ning Li

Vote for D Stressed Mirror.

Rolling with the Light by Paul Alleyrat

Rolling with the Light by Paul Alleyrat
Melun, France

"I love the interplay between the product and the space. As a lighting system it is infinitely flexible – it can be suspended conventionally, of course, but it can also be placed on the floor to create micro-environments. Ideal for the modern and compact home." - Fiona Burrage

Vote for Rolling with the Light.

Scrittoio by Sedicigradi

Scrittoio by Sedicigradi
Ferrara, Italy

“This piece fits the brief really well and has a great function for people who are limited for space. In both positions it looks like a fully completed item.” - Ruth Wassermann

Vote for Scrittoio.

Yaunty by Claus Niephaus

Yaunty by Claus Niephaus
Köln, Germany

“We appreciate the straight-forward design of this chair. The design language makes the product very versatile and suitable for different environments.” - Cate & Nelson

Vote for Yaunty.

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