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Sep 2, 2015


Welcome one and all. These are hallways with a difference. The idea is to give your guests a virtual hug or a visual high five with hallways that surprise, delight and transport. Step through the door into another time and place by adding zen-like qualities, characterful ornaments and pleasing repeat patterns. Try it and we promise you’ll literally feel the stress of the day roll away as you hang up you coat. Quirky moustache wall stickers? Smile! Plastic statues? Laugh! Global treasures and vintage displays? Gasp! Design lovers, prepare to step into the Tardis…

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Calm quirks

You don’t always need colour to brighten up a small space. Try a quirky detail like a retro moustache shaped wall sticker in an otherwise classic surround, like Daisy has done in her London home. Create grid formations with square-framed Instagram pics and highlight the cool factor with a linear, open lightshade that will cast interesting shadows when on, just as Adina does. Clio Wood, interior blogger, treasure seeker and owner of French retreat lajugie.co.uk, agrees: "Hallways are a great space for showcasing the spirit of your family and really bring a small space to life. Aim to create uniformity using identical frames as this will prevent a feeling of clutter and chaos.” And add a theme to the pictures. “Unite your look using images all in black and white or cluster a variety of scenes shot at the same event – it will really pull the look together.”


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Happy ending

Wall finishes can really transform a dull entrance into a style statement. Don’t shy away from bold wallpaper because you think your hallway is too small. Try isolating a bold pattern within a panel section, perhaps on the back of your front door as Annabel has in her home.


You’ll be surprised how impactful the result is. ‘We used to live on a 6'10" wide narrowboat,’ says interior expert Clio, ‘And I used a woodland design of wallpaper on the walls and it added a really special touch. The trick is to use light-ish colours but in bold designs – wallpaper, patterned pictures or wall-hangings can all bring a design element to a small space, while choosing light colours can prevent tight space looking even smaller.’ Check out Stella and the Stars' hallway, who's done just that:


Story telling

"Hallways are the perfect place to display that quirky typewriter you picked up at the car boot sale, or other sentimental and interesting pieces”, says interior expert Clio. “Better still, they will supersede the need for a larger statement piece.” So if you’re a collector of the unusual, or partial to purchasing a souvenir to mark your travels, don’t let them gather dust. Instead, treat your hallway like an open display case. Narrow shelving units, slim sideboards or even several stools of varying heights can unite together what initially look like incompatible items. “Creating a vignette around a particular piece can create a nice focal point for an otherwise empty, undervalued space.”


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  • Jessie murphy said:

    September 8, 2015

    wish I had imagination to make my hall stunning like these

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