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Sep 22, 2011

made.com - Yell.com: Trusted Places

Behind the Best: Made.com

Yell.com recently interviewed our very own CEO, Ning Li for their Trusted Places page!

Here's a snippet from it for all you Made.com fans:

'This week we speak to Ning Li CEO of Made.com, about their furniture site which is just a little bit special - and not just for the prices!

For any of our readers who aren’t aware of you, can you give us an intro to the business?

Made.com is an online furniture retailer that brings furniture direct from the makers to you. Offering up to 70% off high street prices, Made.com works with a number of both established or young and talented designers from all over the world. Made.com was launched in April 2010, co-founded by Julien Callede, Chloe Macintosh and myself.

Where can we find you, and why did you choose to set up shop where you did? - What attracted you to that area?

Our offices are based in Notting Hill, London . We have also an office in Shanghai.

A number of our factories are situated in the Far East and so we wanted to be closer to them in order to offer our expertise, quality inspection and to ease the manufacturing process. We chose Notting Hill as our London as its a trendy area which we felt was well suited to our brand. London is busy and bustling and we felt that Notting Hill really placed us in the centre of everything that’s going on!

What inspired you to start your business?

I was buying a sofa - almost ready to pay £3000 until I realised a factory of a friend of mine actually manufactured that sofa - and they were selling it for £300, a fraction of the price I was about to pay. I was puzzled and went on to find out that it is very much the norm of the furniture world - a public secret - that every middleman (agents, traders, importers, wholesalers, etc) makes a fat margin and it is widely accepted.

So we decided there was an opportunity for us to do the best thing for the consumers by shaking the industry a little bit. By connecting the consumers to the factories, we cut out the traditional middlemen so the consumers can save money.'

Want to read more? Click here and enjoy!

Clare G x

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