Care Guide: How to look after your bedding

Care Guide: How to look after your bedding

A good night's sleep. It’s only as good as the bedding you do it in. But how to keep your duvet and pillows in perfect condition? Read on for our tips to get the best out of your bedding.

Cleaning your duvet
Keeping your duvet in good shape is easier than you might think. If you spill a little tea, a spot clean with a damp cloth and warm water will do, but we’d advise a proper clean at least once a year. If you’re ever unsure, just follow the instructions on the care label. Here are some more handy tips for different bedding types:

  • For natural filled duvets, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They’ll make sure your duvet is dried in the correct way.
  • A synthetic duvet can be washed at home, if it’ll fit in your washing machine. And we’d recommend air drying outside in the shade after cleaning.
  • When your duvet is dry, make sure you shake it to loosen any clumps and keep it feeling plump and full.

Caring for your pillows
Without proper care, pillows can become discoloured, flat and lumpy. Not so dreamy. To keep them looking their best, and for a great night's sleep, plump your pillows daily, wash them every few months, and make sure they're completely dry before bringing them back to bed.

For specific care, follow the instructions on your pillow's care label.

Maintaining your bedding
We recommend giving new bedding sets a wash at 40°C before you use them for the first time. It refreshes them and makes them super soft for your first night’s sleep – and beyond.

After that, once every 1-2 weeks at 40°C will keep them looking and feeling fresh. We suggest washing bedding separately to clothing, just to make sure nothing snags. And remember to check the care label before you pop it in the machine.

If you want to iron out any creases, follow the instructions on the care label. Our stonewashed cotton (Alexia) and linen (Brisa) ranges are a good option if you’re not into ironing – that’s down to their relaxed, effortless look.