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Design Museum Competition - Design Brief March 2013

In association with MADE.com, Kvadrat, Design Museum and Technology Strategy Board

MADE.com has been selected to take part in the incredibly exciting Design Museum exhibition ‘The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution’, presented in association with the Technology Strategy Board.

Opening in July 2013 the exhibition will explore our changing relationship with the designed world; looking at what drives innovation and new manufacturing techniques that can increase growth and productivity.


MADE.com is focussing on how we are changing the furniture industry and how our business model is allowing us to make great design accessible to all. One of the most important aspects of this process is for our customers to select their preferred design from a selection of works through the use of crowdsourcing/peer-production and social networks.

We are therefore inviting participants to design a new piece of furniture. The most popular piece (chosen through the use of crowdsourcing/peer-production and social networks) will go into production, be sold on the MADE.com website and will feature prominently at the Design Museum exhibition from July to November 2013.


In a very short timeframe MADE.com, in collaboration with Kvadrat - Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles – we are asking you to design a new seating range with the main focus on a two seater compact sofa unit.

Entrants should submit design concepts that are thoughtful, forward thinking, comfortable and which push the concept of quality, innovative and affordable furniture suitable for modern living.

Entries should not only address the desires of today’s consumer, who will be helping to develop the design through crowdsourcing/peer-production, but also challenge conventional ideas taking into account the future social landscape. Entrants should look at how we can maximise the use of space and tailor our furniture to the needs of smaller urban living spaces.

Illustrating the full product cycle, from conception to fabrication, we will be documenting the process each step of the way. Participants are required to provide all sketches, models, prototypes etc. (please refer to submission material) as this information will be used as part of the exhibition. The exhibition will be illustrating how an original idea has developed with the input of the consumer. The final chosen compact sofa design and seating range will be immediately recognisable to both the furniture industry and public alike as a new design concept.


The objective of the exhibition and design brief is to illustrate how crowdsourcing/peer-production can influence design, the speed with which new products can be developed, and to demonstrate that quality, innovative, affordable designer furniture is accessible to all in today’s society.

We will be using the combined social networks of both MADE.com and Design Museum to establish the online network of people who will form the crowdsourcing/peer-production group.

Compulsory Documents (to be submitted by 08 April 2013):

  • Sketches
  • Dimension drawings
  • 3D Rendering (Preferred)

For the purpose of the exhibition, the following is very welcome:

  • Sketch models
  • Inspiration and design references
  • Photos of models
  • Physical models
  • Prototype
  • Documentation of design process


08 April - Entry Deadline is 17.00 BST on Monday 8 April 2013. All entries must be received by this time. Each design must be the original and sole work of the entrant.
15 April - List of Chosen Designers Agreed.
15 April - Press release to call for people to take part in the crowdsourcing.
26 April - Chosen designers will be notified by 26 April 2013.
10 May - Product Order Placed.
15 July - Exhibits to be delivered to Design Museum.


Entrants should send all competition enquiries and design submissions to MADE.com at sam.chisholm@made.com by Monday 8 April 2013. A full copy of the competition terms and conditions will be sent to each entrant for their consideration and entry into the competition implies acceptance to these terms and conditions.

Meet the team! Please feel free to visit each of the links below to find out more about the team members:

Design Museum
Technology Strategy Board

March 2013