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Carys Briggs, Stoff Studios

Beautiful yet practical, with a focus on natural materials. That's what good design means to Carys Briggs, co-founder of Stoff Studios. "When I'm making something, I try to think about what it is that makes me buy something," she explains. "I like to buy things that are useful; things that I'll use every day, that will make what I'm doing that bit nicer." 

Textiles designer Carys is a master at creating bold, screen-printed patterns, inspired by objects she collects on her travels. "I'm constantly looking for things to pick up. Anything from rocks and postcards to old bound books," she says. "Rather than sketching, I take everything that I've gathered, and they go straight onto the print table."  

Once Carys has created a line that she likes, it’ll be repositioned and redrawn until the pattern looks just right. "I think it's nice when something looks easy and intuitive, even though there's a lot of work behind it." And just as much thought goes into her colours. She favours unique, unexpected combinations like warm saffron and green, accented with blush-pink. 

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