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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Across the world, people are joining together to show their solidarity for the Black Lives Matter movement, and to shine a light on the issues which have rightly been brought to the forefront following the killing of George Floyd. We have been following the recent events closely, and are deeply aware that this is about more than the actions of police officers in Minnesota. It is about the fight against racism and the ongoing effects of inequality. These issues extend into our communities and to every country around the world. It's not good enough to simply ignore them. Racism in any form, explicit or implicit, is completely unacceptable.  


While we've always been committed to making MADE a diverse and inclusive business, we recognise that there's still much more that we need to do. We all have a responsibility to listen, to learn, to reflect, and to take action, so we can be part of the change.


So what are we doing now, and in the long term? 


We are reviewing everything we do to ensure diversity and inclusion is embedded across all areas of our business and brand. Immediate steps include (but are not limited to):  

  • Mandatory diversity awareness training for all staff
  • Ensuring all voices continue to be heard within our organisation, including creating a Diversity and Inclusion Council to help educate, challenge and strengthen our actions as a business. This team and its recommendations will have the full support of the executive board
  • Carrying out an audit to better understand the demographic of our workforce, identifying where we have imbalances and gaps and formulating an action plan to address them. This includes leadership level positions
  • Reviewing how we present ourselves and who we work with externally, from designers to creative talent, in order to be a truly diverse and inclusive design brand
  • Reviewing our recruitment processes to ensure a fair and equal opportunity for all. We have stopped our 'refer a friend' scheme


We ask that our team and our customers hold us to account on this. We will update this page regularly with our learnings, actions and results.