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Globe A framed print, in grey
50 x 70cm

  • Globe

    A framed print, in grey
    50 x 70cm
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Map print

Typography and maps. That’s Danish company Kortkartellet’s obsession. Based in Copenhagen, they create maps of global cities, using their own Kortkartellet font for each region.

Vintage style

They chose an ivory background for all their prints, which gives them a vintage, 20th century vibe. Offset by the modern black frame.

Local colloquil

Being artists, Kortkartellet decided to ad lib a little on some of the place names. So you might recognise the odd colloquial term if you’re a local.

Print Collection

Berlin, London, or Amsterdam - in which city did you get into the most trouble? Choose the print with the fondest memories. And if you need one for all of Europe, Respect. We’ve got that too.

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