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Black & White Art Prints

Choose versatility with black and white art prints

When decorating, your choice of art should reflect your personality and set the tone for the feeling you're trying to create. Bold colours and abstract designs have a contemporary effect, while floral pieces are homier. And when it comes to versatility, there's nothing more flexible than black and white prints. They're distinctly modern, yet classic at the same time. What's more, you can use them in unsung spaces like the bathroom to create drama and a point of reflection.

Why go monochrome?

Here are some of the reasons why all of us at MADE.COM love black-and-white pictures. To start with, if your colour scheme is loud, this type of art won't compete or clash – instead, it'll offer balance and coolness to the overall look. Secondly, black-and-white wall art really sets the mood. Think nostalgic vintage photos with dramatic silhouettes and shadows, and iconic portraits that whisk you back to a historical era at one glance (okay, we're exaggerating a bit, but you get our drift). Finally, greyscale prints blend well with a multitude of decorative schemes, from classic through to retro and contemporary.

Crowd-pleasing designs

If you're monochrome-minded, take a look at our repertoire of black and white wall art to kickstart your interior decor plans. We've chosen designs that speak to our love of quality, realness and aesthetics – after all, it's what we do best at MADE. Our curated offering of black-and-white photography includes everything from architecture and iconic motors to futuristic images. Real crowd-pleasers, in fact.

An impressive display

Now that we've convinced you to invest in black-and-white art, here are our top display tips. If you're decorating a hallway, consider grouping your prints to create a gallery feature. Placing them where people often gather, like kitchens and drop zones, creates a talking point around them. In living spaces and bedrooms, we recommend placing a single large piece above your couch or headboard – around two-thirds of their width is ideal. And lastly, there's no need to hang them if nails are a no-no, or if you want to be different: leaning art on shelving and cabinets is a fresh way to express your individuality.