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Light up your room with our candle holders

Candles bring a soft and gentle light to your living space. They also give you a golden opportunity to buy some stylish new candle holders. Our collection offers a wide variety of different pieces, full of unique and intriguing designs. While your candles illuminate the room, your candle holders can draw the attention and envy of your guests. Explore our extensive range and discover the ideal addition to your home at MADE.COM.

Choose your favourite design

Our selection of candle holders is packed with modern designs, so whether you need a larger candelabra or a miniature candle stand, we've got you covered. The first thing to consider is your preferred material. If you're after some ultra-modern chic, a glass or metallic candle holder is a wise choice – these sleek pieces are ideally suited for more contemporary rooms. If you're more interested in a timeless classic, a stone or wood material ticks all of the right boxes. A smooth wooden design will fit any living room, while the mesmerising patterns of marble are sure to stand out.

Create a cosy atmosphere

Candles instantly create a comforting and warm atmosphere in your space. Once you've found your dream candle holder, why not continue adding cosy features to your home? If you're often curled up with a good book, a soft blanket keeps you toasty and snug in the evenings. While you're at it, treat yourself to a quality footstool to rest your feet on while you relax. Many of our ottomans come equipped with handy storage options, helping you to keep your living space clean and tidy. Pop the kettle on, light a candle or two, and enjoy the supreme comfort of your lounge upgrade.

Illuminate your home

Candles are a brilliant way to add softer lighting to your home, but if you need some more heavy-duty lighting options, we can help. Our wide range of light fixtures has everything you need to shine a light on your interior design. Wall lights are highly versatile and can be easily placed in different rooms – position a lamp above your bed for reading at night, or install a bathroom mirror light to help illuminate your morning routine. If your living room or kitchen is feeling a little dark and gloomy, a larger ceiling light can make a huge difference to the brightness of the space.