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Mirror, mirror on the wall

From getting ready in the morning to making sure you are dressed to impress - mirrors are both functional and decorative at the same time. They can be used as a stylish accessory to change the feel or a room or enhance the available natural light. Whichever style mirror you are looking for, our stunning range of designer frames will seamlessly fit with every decor. Shop statement wall mirrors, full-length mirrors and even free-standing mirrors in a variety of different luxurious frames now at

Location, Location, Location

From wall-mounted mirrors for your bathroom or hallway to full-length dressing mirrors for your bedroom, we’ve got them all! But before you start looking for your perfect match, think about what type of mirror you need and where you want to hang it. For some handy advice, take a look at our useful guide on how to hang a mirror.

Discover our favourite statement mirrors for every room

For some true mirror magic in your home, the perfect size, shape and material are essential. To help you find the perfect mirror for your home, take a look at some of our favourites. For the bathroom, consider investing in a multi-purpose mirror with in-built LED-lights. These will help illuminate your space and bring a little glamour to your morning routine. If you’re short on storage, then check out our mirrors with built-in storage shelves, perfect for storing your toothbrush, make up and other daily essentials. Stria and Joris are the perfect examples of on-trend mirrors that instantly enhance your space, so you can say goodbye to boring cabinets once and for all. 

For your bedroom you might consider investing in two different types of mirrors. Getting ready with as much comfort and ease as possible, a dressing table mirror is a must. Combine our round Parton wall mirror with our stylish Darcey dressing table for an aesthetically-pleasing look. To make sure you dress in style, a larger full-length mirror is indispensable. Just look at our gorgeous wall-mounted Arles mirror with a brass frame. The octagonal shape is a true eye-catcher you won’t get tired of looking at. For some easy accessorising, our free-standing Alana mirror with added handing space and moveable trays is simply ideal. 

To brighten up your room or create the illusion of more space, add one of our statement mirrors to your living room or hallway. Hang Wilson above a wooden sideboard or combine our rectangular Keily mirror with a stylish table lamp to introduce a pop of colour. Let your creativity run wild and let your personality shine in your choice of mirror.