4 ideas to make your small bathroom look bigger

The bathroom. Whether you’re getting ready, winding down, lathering up or staying in, your space deserves some R&R too. Need help with a powder room that’s a little on the petite side? We’ve got the solution. Somewhere functional, fresh, and good enough for the ‘gram – no matter how small it is. So run that bath. And read on for our tips.



1. Mirrors

Time to reflect on things. It’s the key to making a small bathroom look bigger, after all. A mirror brightens the room, and creates the illusion of extra depth and more square footage. Size? It matters here. A large, circular design like Alana improves the flow of your space (hi, feng shui) and creates an open, airy vibe. The perfect illusion? Hang your mirror so it reflects a light source – either the window or your lights – and admire your totally transformed interior. Bring on bath time.

2. The right lighting

The right lighting can transform any dark dwelling into a self-care sanctuary. We’re talking soft, diffused designs in pastel colours and warm metal finishes. Wall lamps either side of a mirror make a great focal point, drawing the eye away from the rest of the space (or lack of it). And the focused light makes it easier to see when you’re beautifying. In the mood for moodier lighting? Choose a ceiling pendant for an ambient glow that still brightens up every corner. After all, those shower concerts need to be well-lit. Get working on your setlist.

3. Solid, soft colours

The best colours for a small bathroom? Think subtle, earthy tones and fresh pastel shades, from soft pink to simple off-white. Light colours feel calming, welcoming and spacious – there’s a reason spas aren’t painted in all-over neon. Keep the walls muted and use accessories to inject personality – a new set of towels in a playful colour, or metallic accents to turn up the luxe. Switch it up and swap around – great if you’re on a budget and feel like a change. The result? Seriously serene scenes.

4. Clever storage solutions

The key to achieving a harmonious home haven? Everything has its place. Don’t throw in the towel – hang it on a wall-mounted rail instead. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap? All in their designated pots, please. Need to hide that less-than organised array of products? It’s all neatly away in a compact cabinet. Storing up rather than out saves on floor space, and holds just as much – that’s where a tall or mid boy comes in handy. Just make sure the inside looks as good as the out – you’re way more prone to nosy guests now.

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