4 things you should know before decorating your walls

A fresh coat of paint really is the easiest way to update your home – if you know what you’re doing, that is. So to get you up to speed, we’ve teamed up with Colour Consultant Tash Bradley from online decor and paint brand, Lick. Here, she’s myth-busting four common misconceptions when it comes to decorating.



Myth 1: light colours are the best choice in small spaces 

We’ve covered small spaces already, but let me just reiterate how much compact rooms can benefit from darker hues. I’d even recommend painting the ceiling in the same shade. This may seem radical, but uninterrupted colour softens lines and edges, and enhances the cosiness of your space. I’d always stay away from white, especially in north-facing rooms (they’re notoriously low in natural light), as it can feel a little drab and make shadows look more pronounced.

Myth 2: Walls and ceilings are two separate things and should be treated as such

If you have colourful walls next to ceilings in pure white, your eye will be drawn to the strong contrast between the two. The result? You’ll become very aware of where the wall ends and the ceiling begins, meaning the perceived ceiling height drops. The solution is finding a white with similar undertones to your wall. Or, if you’re feeling brave, scrap white altogether and go for a dark blue or even black. You’ll be rewarded with ceilings that feel higher than they actually are, while adding a whole lot of character in the process.

Myth 3: sampling paint is overrated 

Please always test wall paint! Moving a colour around a space and seeing it in different lighting conditions is so important. We know sample pots can get messy, so Lick provides you with adhesive patches that don't even require a paintbrush. You can put them in different corners to test how they look in the morning, afternoon and evening. And don't forget to stick your sample next to furniture, flooring and windows to see how the colour feels alongside existing elements in your room. 

Myth 4: picking a colour you’ll love is a long and complicated process 

Choosing the right colour is easier than you might think. Start by looking at the existing colour palette of your room, including furniture and accessories. Or focus on a piece of wall art that you love – what are the dominating shades, what undertones do you see? This is actually how many interior designers work, as paintings tend to be the focal point in a room. And when you arrive at the sampling stage, I always caution against getting carried away by testing too many colours. Limit yourself to three so you don't get overwhelmed by choice.



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