5 easy ways to add colour to your room

Sunny yellows, rich reds and oceanic blues – these are the colours that stand out in Coco Dávez’s work. And the self-taught Spanish artist has a home that’s just as vibrant as her paintings. Want your space to look as bright as this? Coco tells you how.



1. If you’re a fan of yellow but you don’t want your room to look OTT, work it in via your accessories. I had no space in the kitchen for my beautiful bread bin, so I decided to use it as a storage box for my working material. It brings a pop of colour to my shelving, plus it matches the gold velvet cushions on my bed.


2. Missing some square metres? Bright furniture against white walls really stands out and creates a sense of depth, like these blue and grey bedside trunks, which also hide my clutter. Want to save valuable floor space? Try wall-mounted shelves instead.

3. Table lamps create an intimate atmosphere, and are an easy way to add a dash of colour. I chose a geometric green lamp for my bedroom; it casts such a warm glow. And LED string lights are great along bookcases – just make sure they’re bright enough so you can read.

4. Not only do mirrors extend your space, they also reflect back colours and patterns – it’s almost like having another painting on the wall. Choose bright frames or a sophisticated metallic design.


5. Want to warm up your room? Cover the floor with bold rugs in striking shades and patterns. Then, bring in some plants. Green and yellow schemes will keep your decor looking fresh. 



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