5 must-try coffee table decor ideas

As a quick scroll through Instagram will prove, a coffee table isn't just a place for resting your coffee – though it definitely does serve that purpose, especially on Monday morning. If you're looking to create a feed-worthy coffee table setup, here are a few coffee table style ideas that we keep coming back to, whether you prefer a look that's artfully undone, or full of organised objets.

1. Plants and planters

Plant parenthood can feel like a full-time job. So show off your hard work by adding flora and fauna to your coffee table. A glass terrarium of succulents or air plants creates a calming mood that'll ensure your morning coffee is a zen experience. While a smaller vase of fresh flowers, resting on top of a pile of coffee table books, is a classic and cultured look that'll brighten your space.

2. Candles and candle holders

Every selfcare solace-seeker knows the power of a good candle, and your coffee table should be no exception. Try mixing the heights and sizes of your candles to create an intentional focal point. Or, choose a statement candle holder, with a candle that colour contrasts to your walls. Just make sure you put it on a tray to save your coffee table from wax drips.

3. Metallic trays

If your coffee table's an upholstered pouffe or ottoman, adding a sturdy yet sleek tray is an easy way to create a firm base for your personal pieces, while protecting your furniture. Metallic trays look luxe against velvet upholstery, or go for simple monochrome or marble if your living room style is more minimal.

4. Throws and runners

This one might sound unusual, but trust us – a well-placed table runner can refresh an older coffee table, especially when accessorised with trays of candles and a couple of books. If you've got an upholstered pouffe or ottoman, a throw draped over one half can create a similar look, and is an easy way to add another tone to your space.

5. Bowls and pots

If you like a lot of things on top of your things, adding statement bowls and organisational storage pieces – like caddies – allows you to go OTT on the accessories without creating a cluttered look. Use a flat tray for your candles and incense, a bowl for loose bits and bobs, and a caddy for things like remote controls and notepads.

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