5 rugs that blur the line between art and design

The fine line between art and design is getting increasingly blurred, with sculptural lighting, macramé wall hangings and intricate textiles becoming fixtures in our homes. So if you want to get your hands on rugs and runners referencing Klee, Matisse or something else you’ve spotted at your favourite gallery, you’re in the right place. Scroll on for your private viewing.

Supermundane by Rob Lowe

When an acclaimed abstract artist turns rug designer, you can be sure the results will be striking. Case in point: our collaboration with Rob Lowe, aka Supermundane. “Abstract art is perhaps the most human art possible, because it only comes to life when people look at it,” he says. So what do you see in the bold lines and shapes of his rug collection?  

Pyramid by MADE Studio 

Swiss artist Paul Klee was a 20th century heavyweight of abstract art and design. Besides being a painter, he also taught at the iconic Bauhaus school, so it’s no surprise that our MADE Studio designers are inspired by his work. The Pyramid rug is layered with shades of pink and aquamarine – reflective of Klee’s patchwork colours that are a signature of his ‘magic square’ oil paintings. 

Zola by Stoff Studios

London-based creative Carys Briggs, co-founder of Stoff Studios, creates patterns using traditional methods like screen printing, and then hand-painting them directly onto textiles. The bold but minimalistic shapes in her MADE collection remind us of artist’s sketches and on-trend line drawings. Her inspiration for the Zola rug? Objects she collects on her travels: “I’m constantly looking for things to pick up. Anything from rocks and postcards to old bound books.” 

Mirto by Petra Börner

As an artist and illustrator, Petra works across disciplines – from paintings on paper and canvas to ceramic design. But a passion for drawing is at the heart of her practice. So for her first ever textile collection for MADE, the Swede created a floral pattern and then zoomed right into it, magnifying every detail. The result? A hand tufted wool rug so beautiful, you might not want to step on it. 

Rimoldi by MADE Studio 

Shades of brown and grey flow into each other, seemingly applied with broad brush strokes. This painterly piece is a reference to modern watercolour art and was hand-painted by our in house design team. Rimoldi is crafted from pure wool and cotton, which only adds to its elegant feel. (It deserves to be framed, if you ask us.)

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