5 tips to keep your living room tidy

From piles of your kid’s homework, to magazines and remnants of that duvet day, keeping your living room tidy can feel like an impossible task. But your lounge can look spotless with minimum effort. Want to know how? Read on for our tips.  


1. Make it multipurpose

Your furniture doesn't have to work harder, just smarter. Choosing double-duty pieces like storage benches will help you save valuable space, and keep your bits and bobs organised. Need an extra seat and a place to put up guests? A sofa bed's the answer. (And we'll help you choose, right here).

2. Maximise your walls

Open shelving is the perfect option for keeping books and magazines out of the way, as well as displaying your favourite things. Curate the items you want to show off by placing them front and centre. 

3. Organise your media

Remote controls, games consoles, speakers… When it comes to storing your tech, you need options. Luckily, we've got plenty of them. Media units are a practical solution when it comes to hiding unsightly cables and wires, while a modern TV stand will set you up for that boxset marathon. 

4. Zone it

Creating separate ‘zones’ in your room will make it feel more organised, and easier to keep tidy. Break up the space using a couple of rugs in different sizes, or try placing an accent chair between your living area and dining space to create a neat divide.

5. Add to basket

Need a home for those cushions, throws, magazines and toys? Keep a few storage baskets handy so you can clear stuff away at a moment's notice. It’ll only take five minutes, and there are plenty of colour and fabric options to suit any space. Win win.

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