5 ways to create a calming living room

The secret to creating a calm and relaxing living room? Soothing tones, soft textures and a harmonised layout. For a space that feels as good as it looks, follow these five easy steps. Disclaimer: you’ll need to do
a bit of decluttering, too (sorry).



1. Move the mess 

It’s time to clean up and conquer. Because the tidier your room is, the more chilled out you’ll feel. Stack books and magazines on shelves and put away anything you don’t need. Storage solutions? We’ve got plenty. A stylish sideboard like Jenson will do the job, and look good while doing it. Next, fold away throws in a storage basket or ottoman, and don’t forget to plump those cushions. It’ll work wonders, trust us. 

2. It’s time to feng shui 

The key to inner peace? Balance. It’s the same for your living room, really. Just like yin and yang, your space needs to flow and feel equally weighted. Start with the sofa. Is that the best spot? Maybe it’d feel better in a different corner. When you’re happy with the placement, layer in lamps, a coffee table and rug. Try out a few different setups – the results might just surprise you. And don’t forget about natural light. Mirrors on opposing walls bounce the light around, making your room appear more spacious and airy. 

3. Soothing colours and materials 

Picture the most serene spot you can think of. What’s the colour scheme? Probably white or cream, with some natural materials thrown in. That’s the palette for a peaceful living room. But don’t be afraid to introduce a splash of soft colour here and there. Just remember, cool shades = calming. We’re talking mint, plaster pink and the lightest blues. If you’re not set on whipping out a paintbrush, channel those hues through your wall art and accessories. Have you met Cam? That woven seagrass will transport you to a Mediterranean beach bar,
from the comfort of your own home.

4. Cosy textures

It doesn’t get much more relaxing than lazing in bed. So to replicate those snuggly feels in your living room, fill it with inviting textures. Furry cushions? Get to know Haddie. Blankets and throws? We’ll take both. Then sink your toes into a warm, welcoming rug (or two). Finally, dial up the cosiness with a few scattered table lamps. Vetro’s frosted bulb casts a gentle glow, while Ilaria’s pink glass shade radiates a rose-tinted light. Hello, hygge. 

5. Plant power
If you needed another reason to buy plants, this is it. Leafy friends cleanse the air and reoxygenate your home. Breathe in: tranquility and positive vibes. Breathe out: tension, worry and stress. And, if you really want to unwind, place your plants at different levels around the room, and choose pots in pale, natural materials. Inca, Bosca or Palm will fit right in – those cool tones contrasted with lush layered greens are just the healing energy you need. (Want a leafier home but live in a small space? Check out these tips from plant experts PATCH).

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