A clean slate: your shortcut to a minimalist bathroom

The secret to a serene bathroom? You’ve got to go minimalist. We’re talking sleek storage, neutral colours and the right lighting. Sound good? Check out our tips to create a pared-back sanctuary that’s anything but basic.



1. Keep it simple

In such a high-traffic room, clutter is bound to accumulate and stand in the way of those serene spa vibes you’re trying to achieve. So put away spare toiletries and leave only your daily essentials on show. The best place for them? A sleek bath bridge will keep things in order.

2. Be smart with storage

When it comes to bathroom storage, there are just a few key things you need, like a smart towel rack, some handy baskets and a multifunctional wall mirror with shelves. They’ll help you achieve a neat, minimalist look, while keeping your personal products close to hand. The best thing about scaling back? Everything will be so much easier to clean. See – you feel calmer already.

3. Soft colours & textures

Flawless look = all-white bathroom? Well, not necessarily. Embrace the Japandi trend (more on this here) by taking it back to nature with wood and rattan accents. They’re just as bright and open as white, but much more welcoming and warm. Next, add plush towels and bathmats in earthy tones.

4. A light touch

Give your morning routine a glow-up with some pared-back wall lights placed on either side of your mirror. And when it’s time to kick back and treat yourself to a spa-like experience, there’s nothing more soothing than a few candles dotted around the tub. Aah, bliss.

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