A colour expert's guide to painting small spaces

Small rooms can be a challenge to decorate – even for the savviest colour enthusiast. So if you're bored of fail-safe white, what are your options? To answer this, we’ve teamed up with Colour Consultant Tash Bradley from online decor and paint brand, Lick. She'll be dishing out advice on some of the biggest challenges you might face when decorating your walls. Brushes at the ready...



1. To give the illusion of height, paint a slim white band around the top of the wall – right where it meets the ceiling. If you have cornices, paint these white too. Choose a white that has the same undertones as the wall colour – for example, a white with blush undertones to complement pink walls. This creates a gradual colour fade, which can make the room feel lighter and brighter.

2. If you want to go for a dark colour in a small space, try to avoid dramatic contrasts. Instead, keep your ceiling, skirting boards and walls the same shade. The effect? Your eyes won’t be drawn to any particular spot, meaning the room visually expands.

3. In most households, the smallest rooms are the least used (like box bedrooms and downstairs bathrooms) – so why not pack a punch and go for it with bright colours and vibrant wallpaper? I really recommend pouring your creativity into these spaces.

4. Define your woodwork. In a small room, woodwork and mouldings should be one shade darker than the walls. This subtle contrast allows the architectural bones of the room to stand out and the walls to recede a little, making the space appear bigger. Light grey walls with darker grey woodwork set a sophisticated tone.

5. And last but not least, a home will feel more spacious if there’s a sense of flow between adjacent rooms and hallways. You can achieve this by using one wall colour throughout, or sticking to a tonal palette.



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