A curator on how to style your space around art

Arts and culture curator Stephanie Afrifa has worked with some of Amsterdam's most renowned museums. She's also written for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Glamour, and even interviewed artist and filmmaker Ai Weiwei along the way. Her goal? To address the lack of diversity in the art world. Here, she welcomes us into her chic Rotterdam apartment, and shares her tips on how to style your space around art.



1. You don't necessarily have to hang wall art. By placing it on the floor or on top of a trunk, it becomes an object.


2. Picture frames don't have to match, but make sure they complement each other. I like to combine multiple materials and shapes – this works especially well in small spaces.


3. When art is placed in direct sunlight it can become discoloured. So make sure you hang it in the right spot. 


4. Highlight your artwork properly – take inspiration from galleries by opting for spotlights or an adjustable lamp


5. Your bedroom should be a serene, calming space, which can be achieved by picking complementing colours. So choose bedding and accessories that match your artwork. 


6. Your home office doesn't have to be boring – it should be a space that motivates you. Combine art, books and other objects to give it a boost. Even the smallest pieces can be incredibly inspiring.

Article written by: Gwen Gassler

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