A photographer’s guide to creating a laid-back bedroom

Autumn’s here, but that doesn’t mean your home has to look as gloomy as the weather. Just ask Karine Candice Köng – photographer, stylist and founder of interior design blog, Bodie and Fou, who transformed her family house into an effortlessly chic holiday rental. Here, she shares her tips on creating a bedroom that’s bright, airy and full of summer spirit. 



1. There’s nothing like natural materials to really help you unwind and relax. My essentials? Linen bedding, wooden and rattan furniture, and a super soft shaggy rug under my feet. Bliss. 

2. For a laid-back vibe, limit your colour palette to two or three complementary shades. I kept it very neutral with beige, grey and sandy off-white, contrasted with a touch of moss green and shiny brass accents.

3. Surround yourself with interesting objects and treasures found on your travels – these little reminders will keep you in that holiday mood all year round. I'm obsessed with retro ceramics in warm, earthy tones. They give my space a lovely, nostalgic feel.

4. Natural light (and lots of it) is so important to master that serene, summery look. If your room’s a bit lacking in this department, a large mirror like Arles and well-positioned lamps will help you to create the right atmosphere.

5. And finally, when you’re away from the daily stresses and strains of everyday life, give yourself a chance to slow down and remember what’s important. For me, that means remembering to buy less, and buy better, which is a lot kinder to the environment. 



Article written by: Remi Parson

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