An artist’s guide to styling a creative family space

Want to know how to make your living room double as a creative hub for the whole family? Us too. So when Natacha Birds – multi-talented artist, blogger and mother of two – stopped by our Paris showroom to style her ‘happy place’, we asked for her tips. 



1. Strike the right balance between snug and functional, so you can easily switch from full artistic mode, to relaxing family time. Keep your pencils, brushes and canvas close, and your throws and cushions even closer.


2. Versatility is key when it comes to staying inspired. Mixing the old with the new will give more contrast and character to your room. 


3. Go for bigger furniture rather than a multitude of small pieces that you’ll have to arrange like lego bricks – and not in a fun way! A large shelf or sideboard is great for keeping everyone’s work and supplies at hand, and also helps to create different ‘zones’ in your room.


4. Never underestimate the importance of a beautifully lit space. Especially if you’re working on your next masterpiece! I like using several light sources and tainted bulbs to set the scene, depending on the time of the day. It’s like living in a painting or a movie – it’s the best feeling. 


5. Curate your own personal museum by surrounding yourself with your artworks, and lots of plants. They’ll help you have fresh ideas day after day. 

Article written by: Rémi Parson

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