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An expert's guide to creating the perfect audio set-up in your home

Kenneth Melchoff Bahnsen, CEO and Head of Design at Kreafunk, says that life without music simply wouldn't be the same. And we happen to agree. That's why MADE and Kreafunk  have joined forces to create a new collection of stylish audio products. Here, Kenneth tells us how to create the perfect acoustic setup in your home.



1. Place your speaker in the corner of the room as the walls help the sound to spread. Particularly, the 'aFUNK'. It has an impressive 360-degree sound experience which creates a deeper bass and stronger volume. Music to your ears.


2. Keep it out in the open. Don't place your speaker or radio behind any accessories or books, as the sound will bounce off objects placed in front of it, and distort your favourite tunes. 


3. Aim high. Placing your speakers on a high shelf lets the sound travel without hitting obstacles on the path to your ears. It's even better if the shelf is close to a corner, as it'll create a fuller sound experience. The height will also help with getting a good signal when using the 'tRADIO'.


4. For a more immersive experience, connect multiple speakers. This'll fill the room with sound and enhance its quality. Which speaker works best? The 'aFUNK'. It's designed to connect in pairs. 


5. Show them off. The deep green colour, perfectly matched metal trims and soft leather make these audio products a stylish addition to your home. Put them on a side table alongside your favourite accessories.

Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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