An expert's guide to nailing gift wrapping

Wrapping presents. Whether you love it or hate it, it's the ultimate way to make your gifts look good, and your recipients feel extra spesh. That's why Kayleigh McCardle created Kinshipped — a luxury wrap and greetings card brand. With her stylish and sustainable paper, she's on a mission to help everyone present beautifully. Want to know how to up your gift-wrapping game? Read on for Kayleigh's tips.



1. Set the scene. When you're about to start wrapping, put on some music, grab a drink and create some ambient mood lighting with a floor lamp. I like to blast my favourite festive tunes and sip on a cocktail (or two!) — it's a ritual.

2. Keep all your gifting essentials together in an organiser. The most important tool? A good, sharp pair of scissors. They won't rip your paper, and will make sure you're left with a clean, professional finish.

3. Keep the packaging for peculiar-shaped gifts like ceramics. Even if you think it's ugly, it'll make wrapping a lot easier, and you'll end up with a more beautiful-looking present. For soft items like clothing or a throw, fold them neatly into a compact shape and pull the wrapping tight around them. This'll stop the paper from getting wrinkled and creased.

4. Swap cellotape for glue dots. They're a game changer. Your gifts will look magically held together. If they're too much faff, opt for washi tape instead — there's a huge array of colours and patterns to choose from, which look great against plain paper. Just make sure to trim any excess paper before securing, to keep it looking neat. 

5. Once it's wrapped, dress your present up with a velvet ribbon or — for a more wholesome look — twine. When tying the bow, keep it short and neat, and trim the ends diagonally for a sleek finish. Top it off with a festive gift tag made from a sprig of fir tree or a pinecone.



Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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