An illustrator's guide to creating an inspiring home office

Working hard, or hardly working? We've all been there. It's easy to get distracted when your living room doubles as your office. Netflix is on? Oh, we hadn't noticed... So how do you stay motivated? Illustrator Josh McKenna has it nailed. He's designed an inspiring nook to boost motivation and creativity. The secret? It's vibrant, colourful and fun. Just like the feel-good illustrations he's known for. Here are his tips for styling a space that helps you get down to business.



1. Stay organised by making sure your desk is clear at ALL times. Shelves and storage will help keep your home office in check. When everything has a place it's so much easier to find your laptop or an inspiring book to flick through. Tidy space = tidy mind.

2. For bright ideas, you need light. It helps you to concentrate, reduces eye strain and makes your space a nicer place to work. Try a floor lamp dangling overhead, and a smaller table lamp for your desk so you can clearly see all of your bits and bobs.

3. Your workspace should be comfortable and inviting. Add a snuggly cushion to your chair, and don't stray too far from the sofa – when you've had enough of sitting at a desk, it's an ideal occasional office. I’ve had some of my best ideas curled up on a cosy rug.

4. Accessorise your space with colourful wall art and posters. They'll add personality and character to your room, and might even inspire your work. Plants will also create a feeling of calm, clearing your mind of distractions and helping with motivation.

5. Make it yours. Personal touches make your house feel like home, and help you to feel more relaxed. I like to have my toy cars, cheeky vases and retro memorabilia around. And, of course, a sizeable mug for my much needed morning coffee!



Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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