Bathroom bliss: how to create your own at-home spa

Every now and then, we all crave some self-care and a spot of pampering – especially with the weather getting colder. We’re talking long baths, fluffy towels, soft cotton bathrobes and a candle or two. Ready to relax? Here’s how to achieve a soothing spa experience from the comfort of your own bathroom.


1. Lighten up

When it comes to achieving ambiance, it's all in the lighting. Go for wall and ceiling lamps with frosted glass bulbs like Apollo or Vetro – they’ll give off a soft, welcoming glow. Place them on either side of your bathroom mirror to provide you with the right amount of light for your morning routine.

2. Mess = stress 

The key to a zen-like bathroom? Smart storage. Go for a tall boy like Penn to keep all of your cosmetics and towels to hand. Woven baskets like Holgate will take care of your dirty washing, while small bits and pieces like toothbrushes and combs are best organised in boxes or metal baskets. Tip: the more free surfaces you have, the more clean and calming your bathroom will be. 

3. Softly does it 

It’s not a proper spa experience without thick, fluffy towels and a bathrobe. Natural fabrics like organic cotton are super soft – and get softer every time they’re washed. Pick hand towels, bath towels and bath sheets in the same colour and fabric to get that five-star feel. 

4. The (finishing) touch-up

Whether you go for a clean, minimalist look or you’re more of a maximalist, accessories like mirrors, plants and wall art really tie things together. Huldra combines black powder-coated metal and natural wood and looks great in contemporary spaces, while pared-back bathroom sets like Ryder will fit into any scheme. 

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