How to make your bedroom a cosy retreat

Some places are for us and for us only. Here’s our advice to find inner peace at home this season.

Tip 1: make your bed. You may not want to hear this first thing in the morning, but your mum was right. According to a recent study reported by, those that make their bed are almost twice as likely to feel happy compared to those that don't. So don’t hold back. Linen sheets, knitted throws and velvet cushions, have it all. But come morning time, arrange it wisely and live a happy life.

Tip 2: why are hotel beds so appealing? There’s one explanation: the abundance of cushions. First use your two pillows (those on which you sleep) and place them against your headboard. Then put two decorative pillows in front, and add a small rectangular cushion in the centre. If you want to jazz it up even more, try adding a mixture of different textures like velvet and cotton.

Article written by: Sarah Bennani

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