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Better in colour: the best rainbow-hued homes

The #InstaRainbowChallenge – created by Zeena Shah and Natalie Wall – has inspired the social media community to post pictures of themselves wearing a different colour every day for a week. But we think this feel-good splash of colour positivity can extend to your home, too. So we asked Natalie to pick her fave colourful interiors shared by MADE fans, and tell us how to create a kaleidoscopic haven ourselves. Sorry, monochrome.



Red is such a strong colour – you only need a little to make a room pop as it’s so energising. Calm things down by pairing it with a softer shade, like these barely-there pink walls.

It’s associated with focus and success so it’s the ideal colour for creating a reading corner like this. Now you’ll power through that book pile!



Orange is such a happy colour and really adds warmth to a room. Dial the intensity up or down by going for all-out colour like this room, or having one zingy hero piece.

I also have the Scott sofa in orange and honestly? It brings me a lot of joy whenever I look at it (let alone sit on it).



You can be much more experimental with colourful furniture in your garden. Not only is it less committal, but nods to the brights of Mother Nature!

Yellow is a happy shade, known for boosting creativity and encouraging good conversation – so this garden seating area is spot on! When sunshine isn’t guaranteed in your garden, you might as well create your own...



At first glance, this might look like a really punchy wall colour, but green is actually very relaxing. It’s the colour of nature after all, promoting harmony and growth.

Pink with green is one of my favourite colour combos, but if that’s too much, start subtly by grouping together a few leafy plants.



Blue is such a calming colour – perfect for bedrooms. I love the use of the two blue tones in this room, creating a peaceful sanctuary for really switching off. And these two balls of floof seem to like it, too!



I’m into crystals and general ‘woo’ so purple is my favourite colour! Purple is seen as luxurious but it’s also very balancing and healing, making it a dreamy choice for bedrooms.

My bedroom walls are painted in a deep aubergine but dusty lilac is a great gateway shade as it’s so subtle. I love it teamed with cream, like in this room (matching cat optional).



I’m really into coloured bathroom tiles – who said they need to be white? In this room, the soft pink tiles are toughened up with the use of geometric lines and minimal colour palette.

Pink’s the colour of compassion and self-acceptance, so there’s no better place to use it than the bathroom, where you stare at yourself in the mirror errr’y day!


Pink (again)

I have to mention the beautiful home of my #InstaRainbowChallenge co-creator Zeena! I adore her pink velvet sofa and the use of natural accessories like wool, plants and wood to stop the living room from looking overly saccharine.

Your fast track to a pink paradise? Try these tips.

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