Comfort food: ideas for a relaxed lunch

Ever heard of tavolata? It’s what the Swiss call an informal meal with friends and family, based around sharing platters of homemade food. It’s also Alexandra Marmaziu’s favourite way of spending time with loved ones. Here, the Zurich-based founder of healthy food delivery service, EATbyalex, tells us how to have a laid-back lunch at home.



1. Choose a main dish that can be easily prepared and cooked before everyone sits down at the table. Moussaka and lasagne are two of my favourites. For dessert, I’d opt for a tart or cheesecake. Again, both are easy to make in advance – you can just whip them out of the fridge when you’re ready. 

2. You can set the table before anyone from your support bubble arrives or, for a more easy-going vibe, ask them to help out. I often feel that guests like to be more involved, so giving them small tasks is a nice idea.


3. I love serving drinks in the kitchen while I’m preparing food. It means my friends can try my creations and see me in action. Trust me, your pals will be more than happy to be your culinary guinea pigs!

4. It’s all about accessories, on the table and on your plate. Gold cutlery is such a style statement next to edible flowers and sprouts – like suddenly, it’s summer on your table. I’m also obsessed with nice serveware like these beautiful platters and bowls. It’s great to play with different heights by placing them on top of cake stands. This also makes things easier to grab and share.



Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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