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On the agenda: designing your video call backdrop

Video calls. At the moment, they’re probably a big part of your working day. And if you’re not getting distracted by how you look on screen, you might be worrying about what your colleagues can see in the background. So how do you design a stylish and professional set-up that still feels like home at the end of the day? MADE Textiles Designer, Emma Cook, shares her tips.



1. Choose a spot with a simple, uncluttered background so you can style it in your own way. When I’m WFH, I like setting up against a neutral wall – it’s the least distracting.

2. Following on from that, wall art’s a great way to add interest to your plain background. Opt for one or two pared-back prints that complement each other, rather than overloading on colour. My go-to? Line drawings and playful illustrations.

3. Good lighting is a must. While being at home, I’ve realised how the quality of light changes throughout the day, so I’ll move myself around to follow the brightest natural light. But if you need to use lamps, balance the light on either side of your face.


4. Treat every visible surface like a canvas. Whether it’s your bookcase or the kitchen counter, step up your shelfie game with carefully positioned trinkets, plants and books that’ll add personality and colour, and give your workmates a flavour of your home.

5. If you don’t have a desk or somewhere to rest your laptop, the sofa works just as well. But keep soft furnishings subtle in texture and tone so they don’t divert attention. And make sure furry friends are out of shot (unless they’re dialing in too).



Article written by: Ellie Hamilton

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