Dining table style tips for every interior decor trend

No Instagram feed's complete without an arty dining table shot or two. But if a typical pink and marble look's not your thing, we've got you. From subtle Scandinavian setups to retro dining table looks, check out our styling tips for every interior decor trend.

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1. Scandinavian dining table ideas
Scandinavian decor is huge on hygge. So to achieve the look with your dining table, ensure pastel colours and natural materials are front and centre. Choose rounded vases, or grey plant pots filled with succulents as your centrepiece. And candles are key for Scandinavian self-care – go for simple scented candles, or candle holders in muted tones of pink and mustard.

2. Industrial dining table ideas
Earthy materials should be your go-to when styling your industrial dining table – think wood, metal and concrete. Add a stoneware vase and accessorise with other bold accents like sculptures and simple pillar candles. But don't overdo it: less is more when achieving an industrial look.

3. Modern dining table ideas
Modern interiors don't have to be minimal – though contemporary design definitely favours a sleek finish. So for a modern dining table setup, pay attention to the shape of the items you do choose to make sure you nail the look without overdoing it. Glass and chrome, plus other metallic finishes, work well, so look for storage trays with angular edges to house your salt and pepper shakers. Place these next to chic accessories like simple glass vases and modern artwork for a luxe centrepiece. 

4. Classic dining table ideas
The classic look's about quality design, traditional silhouettes, and accessories that are homely and liveable. Warm, cosy touches work well with this style too, so pick stained wood fruit bowls, or natural wood ornaments. For extra cosiness, candle sticks in black or brass will create a soft ambience.


5. Retro dining table ideas
Achieving a retro dining table depends on colour as much as composition. Stick to tones traditional to the mid-century movement: mustard, terracotta and brown. Rounded silhouettes work well – try some coloured glass bowls. Then use decorative accessories like vases and round trays in other retro tones and materials, such as wood and brass.

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