DIY: Turn your home into a greenhouse with Sarah Delaval

Sarah is the one of the founders of Paris Pousse, a Parisian online concept store, and a DIY pro. A year ago, she fell in love with a charming 31 square metres (approximately 333 square feet) flat that had a winning trio: fireplace, balcony and a view of Paris which includes the iconic domes of Sacré Coeur. She welcomed us into her cosy home which she’s styled with green fingers and plenty imagination. A statuesque Malaysian branch, cacti and dried flowers create an urban jungle vibe. Join us for a tour of this verdant Parisian haven…

Save some space

Parisian flats are famously on the small side, so optimising your space is a matter of survival. "To create more space I swear by white walls and minimal décor. I avoid cluttering the floor with carpets or the walls with artwork. I also opt for raised shelves, fitted storage or thin shelves rather than bulky furniture."

Minty fresh

Pantone unveiled greenery as the colour of the year but it has been Sarah’s favourite for a long time: "I'm not really a trend addict. Green's always been my colour. At the moment, mint green is the key colour in my interior. I usually follow my instincts, but I also get a lot of inspiration from people like architect Romain Costa. I love his Instagram.”

Second life

"I love organic materials like wood. My wooden shelves are made from an old wine box that I nailed to the wall. It’s a great place to put books and the raw look goes really well with my industrial Starkey floor lamp."

Eco friendly

"I’ve used a wooden pallet to create a relaxing corner in the living room. It combines my love of natural materials and my eco-friendly side. I varnished it so it won’t get damaged and added tropical print cushions from MADE.COM. I absolutely adore them. They make it so comfortable and cosy."

Brazilian inspired

“Years ago, I used to live in Jericoacoara in Brazil and worked in a hotel. I remember they had a sandy garden with huge palm trees with trunks wrapped with fairy lights. I thought it was wonderful that wanted to replicate this magical idea at home. So when I saw this Malaysian branch, it was love at first sight. I bought it in a shop called The Petal Factory. I wrapped it with fairy LED lights and it really brings something special to my decor. ”

Tropical vibes

To round off the tropical atmosphere, Sarah introduced an exotic guest into her living room: a palm tree. "It's a Kentia Palm I bought from Paris Pousse. It needs to be in a sunny room but not in direct sunlight. I give it two glasses of water every 10 days. It’s so easy to look after."

Natural light

"I love the natural light diffused by the candles in my Verona candleholder. And, fortunately, my fireplace also works. It makes me feel like I’m in the countryside in the middle Paris - mainly because of the aroma. I decorated the mantelpiece with an herbarium I created using the MADE brass Denver frames."

Sensory experience

Sarah doesn’t just love the look of her home, it’s how it feels and smells, too: "I like the softness of my white Brisa linen set. This candle from Diptyque was a gift from my boyfriend. He chose a Coriander scented one even though he hates the taste of it. If you love natural fragrances in your room, the dried flowers trend is great because the scent spreads during the drying process. If you do try it, I have a little tip: to help them dry properly, I put the bouquet upside down."

Home office

"I sometimes work from home so I need a tranquil and productive area. I’ve added a vertical document rack to keep things tidy, a desk lamp and a few decorations to make my work space more pleasant. To make it more efficient, things like my memo board is essential."

There's always the view

"My balcony has an outstanding view over Paris and the Sacré Coeur. It’s one of my favourite places in my home. If the weather is nice, I break out my outdoor chaise lounge. It’s a great place to recharge my batteries."

Article written by: Manon Folligan
Photography by: Alex Cretey

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