Do try this at home: an expert’s top recycling hacks

Recycling, upcycling and generally cycling more frequently. We can all do our bit when it comes to being more sustainable. Not sure where to start? We asked Melanie Licht – founder of vintage clothing brand, Lichten – for her top tips. Vienna-based Melanie is a pro at repairing, reselling and reducing waste. Here's how she does it.



1. If you crave a change, don't automatically default to buying something new. Sometimes it's enough to just rearrange your furniture, or have a colour refresh.

2. There's no need to throw old clothes away. If they're beyond repair, cut them into pieces and use these bits as cloths for cleaning. 


3. Do what you can to increase the lifespan of your possessions. This means investing in quality where you can, and looking after what you own. That's why I love my Vetro table lamp – the marble is easy to clean, and looks beautiful.


4. All textiles you bring into your home should be made from natural materials like linen, wool or cotton. They're easy to recycle should you need to, and they feel much nicer against the skin.


5. Steer clear of plastic by using glass bottles instead. They also double up as candle holders.


6. For me, it's important that my furniture is made from wood or metal – when the day comes that I have to replace stuff, these materials are much easier to recycle than artificial ones.



Article written by: Lisa Wenske

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