Interor Design Ideas With Flat 15 Blogger Gabriella Palumbo

Personal style with interior designer Gabriella Palumbo

This light-filled Notting Hill apartment is the home of interior designer, Flat 15 blogger and frequent party thrower, Gabriella Palumbo. “I’m from Philadelphia, which is a small city where people are much more ‘safe’ in their fashion choices and everything they do,” she says. “When I moved to London, I noticed that everyone here has a unique look and isn’t afraid to go for it, and I think that’s amazing.” Here, she showcases her own idiosyncratic style, reveals what inspires her and throws in a few easy entertaining tips for good measure.


Neutral territory

“I like a clean white space and I love incorporating accessories. I like to change things around a lot, so it makes sense to have a neutral background – that way you can add colours in and take them out. My style is essentially clean white walls and lots of greenery, then I bring in colour through one piece of furniture, a rug, artworks, decorative objects and cushions.”

The art of the gallery wall

“I visit a lot of art shows and auctions and try to buy one piece each year. The gallery wall is one of my favourite things in the house because it’s neutral but busy. There’s a vinyl record cover, a photograph of my wedding and a Grace Jones print by Chris Levine – you really can feature anything. To plan it, I cut out paper to the size of each frame and moved everything about until it worked, then I hung them.”

Have a vision

“It’s important to do your research and know the look you want to achieve, but don’t be too hard on yourself if something goes wrong. Putting a house together is a learning process – as long as you have a strong vision, it will come out okay.”

California dreaming

“I’m a big fan of Los Angeles. It’s one of my favourite places because the design there is really fantastic. I think that’s why I love to be surrounded by so much greenery – it’s a way of pretending I live in California.”

Party people

“We’ve had a lot of parties and huge dinners here. There’s no one living beneath us so we can have the music really loud. I squeezed about 23 people in for dinner once. I extended the folding table and found a wooden plank that matches the top – that was fun.”

Host with the most

“My big tip for being a great host is to be relaxed – you can feel it when you go to someone’s house and the host is on edge. Being organised helps, but try not to worry about the little things. Just have a drink, enjoy it and your guests will have a good time, too.”

Interiors inspiration

“One of the main ways I find inspiration is through commercial spaces such as hotels, restaurants and even shops. They tend to push the boundaries and lead the way in in terms of what’s happening in interior design. If there’s ever a hotel or restaurant opening, I’ll visit straight away, as they can be a great source of ideas – they really go for it.”

Take your time over paint

“The dark grey in the bedroom was an experiment, but I love it. When choosing paint, I get lots of samples and apply them to the walls and then live with them for a while. Otherwise, I might paint the whole room and not like it – I want to make sure it’s the right choice.”

The blogging bug

“I love interiors blogs. There's a lot of great bloggers doing things that are really interesting. I visit blogs all the time for all sorts of ideas whether it’s interiors, fashion or cooking – they’re such a fantastic source of inspiration.”

Article written by: Nell Card
Photography by: Ola O Smit

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