Flower power: the freshest way to update your space

Looking for a unique way to make your space feel warm and welcoming? It’s time to go green. As Perrine Xavier puts it, “Not only are flowers and plants gorgeous, they also bring a smile to your face.” Here, the Lyon-based florist shares her tips.



1. Don’t wait for someone to give you flowers, treat yourself to a pretty bouquet from time to time. Go for seasonal, locally grown blooms – right now, it’s all about anemones and ranunculus. Showcased in a beautiful vase, they’ll double as a chic centrepiece next to your dinnerware. To enjoy them for as long as possible, cut the stems and change the water every couple of days.

2. Dried flowers are everywhere right now. The great thing about them is that they can be kept for months, or even years, and require minimal maintenance. Choose a single variety like fluffy pampas grass for a cohesive feel (more on that trend here). They’ll look amazing on top of your sideboard.

3. More of a plant person? I’d recommend easy-care species such as cheese plants, ivy, cacti and succulents. Go for pots, planters and stands in different shapes, heights and finishes to create a more textured, three-dimensional look.

4. For a cosy atmosphere and lovely, leafy shadow play, lighting is key. Opaque fabric and frosted glass shades are the best way to achieve this. And for extra drama, light a few candles.

5. Finally, stay true to the natural theme by mixing materials such as wood and marble with plenty of touchy-feely cushions, rugs and throws.



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