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Get creative: easy ways to switch things up

When you’re spending a lot of time indoors, you can start to feel uninspired by your space. The answer? A simple interior switch up. Experimenting with new colour combos will get your creative juices flowing, and rearranging those bits and bobs will nurture your inner Marie Kondo. Here are five steps to get you started.



1. All the moves

The easiest way to refresh your space? Rearrange your furniture. There are no rules here. Just have fun and trust your instinct – this is an essential part of rearranging according to feng shui, because it’ll help you tune into the energy flow in your space. Does something make you feel anxious? Rearrange or remove. Then, experiment a little. Combine pieces you’d never typically put together – unexpected combinations might surprise you. And remember that inspiration will come to you while you’re busy finding a balance. It’s a process, after all.


2. Feeling it

Once you’ve finished rearranging, it’s time for the cosy stuff. Fabrics are an easy way to give a space personality and make it feel more welcoming. Throw some patterned blankets over your sofa or bed, and add a rug to tie your room together. Got a rug already? Then swap it for one that’s a different shape or size. It’s a quick update that makes a big impact. And that unused nook? Give it a new lease of life by turning it into a cosy corner, complete with a floor lamp or fluffy cushions.


3. Brighten up

Still feeling bored of your surroundings? Time to add some colour. And we don’t mean paint an entire wall – it’s easy to bring in some brightness with your accessories. Cushions? Ceramics? Vases? You name it. Just be sure to pick complementary colours to keep your room feeling harmonious. A neutral background will open up the space and let those bolder pieces pop, so toned-down walls are your friend. Before you start, research the psychology of colours – the shades you pick will have a big influence on your mindset. Neutral tones are said to bring you peace and serenity, while warm shades like red and orange could boost your energy.


4. Picture perfect

Wall art’s always a winner, especially when you’re in need of some inspo and your space is lacking personality. So if that white wall’s doing nothing for you, grab the hammer and nails, and create your own personal gallery to keep you feeling motivated and inspired. Are you into vintage illustrations? Or subtle, abstract pieces? Photos of your loved ones? Mix, match and roll with it. The only rule? If it makes you happy, you should hang it.


5. Go green

Green fingers at the ready? Good. Not only do plants brighten up any dull space, those luscious leaves might benefit creative thinking, too. Want to elevate your existing home jungle? Just swap out some of your old pots for more exciting options. Sculptural planters will make a fresh, modern statement or, if you’re short on space, hanging styles will do the trick. They’re the perfect addition to forgotten corners. Dried flowers are having a serious moment right now, too, and ceramic vases will let their colours shine.

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