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Getting a family home ready for festive season

In a busy family house, preparing for holiday festivities usually means tidying up, rather than giving your space a style update. But Katty Patterson – interiors lover and mum to three boys – says it’s easier than you think to transform your home for hosting (whether you’re expecting guests via Zoom or IRL). Read on for her easy-to-follow tips.



1. When it comes to furniture, think multi-functional. My house isn’t big enough to move around larger pieces, but I always like to reshuffle the chairs and side tables. The trick is to choose simple, flat-topped pieces that can be reimagined anywhere, and create an extra seat for unexpected plus ones (when lockdown lifts).

2. I used to be a fan of an Edison bulb, but recently I’ve found myself craving more from my lighting. By swapping them for frosted globe lights, smoked glass fixtures and uplit bulbs, it’s created a gentle, inviting glow and made such a difference to the atmosphere. I’ll never look back!

3. I find it super refreshing to rearrange artwork and shelves every couple of months. I’ll pick pieces from the rest of the house (plus a few newbies) and keep a colour palette or theme in mind when arranging them. It makes the whole wall feel new to me – never mind any potential guests.  

4. Create moments in unexpected places. Everyday spaces like the hallway can sometimes feel forgotten (or start to overflow with coats and shoes). To make it feel more considered, I’ll tidy up and add a few accessories like a velvet cushion on top of a basket as a mini seating area.

5. Family homes can get chaotic quickly, so I like to prepare for moments of madness with distractions – like stacks of magazines on the coffee tableto create a chilled out waiting room vibe in the living space. And my tip for abandoned toys? Strategically placed storage baskets. You can toss things in whenever you find them, and try to convince the kids to put them away...



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