Want to create a display worthy of a #shelfie? Here's how.

From vases to figurines, carefully curated trinkets make your house a home, and express your personality. But it’s not just what you display, it’s how you display it. Should you opt for artfully scattered objects, or a dedicated display shelf? We asked Sara Theron, founder of ceramics studio Dodo Toucan, for her tips.



1. Curate displays made up of objects from different origins and eras. Together, they’ll tell your story. The best way to keep it looking harmonious? Go for similar tones and finishes.

2. Instead of scattering your treasures all around, make them the focal point of your room by dedicating an entire sideboard or shelf to them.

3. The perfect backdrop to your collection? A natural surface. The veins of wood or marble respond beautifully to the perfect imperfections left by the hand of the maker. 

4. Pick furnishings and accessories with rounded silhouettes – like circular cushions and sculptural lamps – they’ll complement the fluid, irregular shapes of your handmade pieces. 

5. Plants are the perfect finishing touch to any inspiring interior. So create an indoor jungle by peppering your displays with greenery.



Article written by: Rémi Parson

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