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Ready for a digital detox at home? Here’s how

Working, socialising, shopping and staying in touch – our screens are playing an important part in our lives right now. But we could all benefit from some quality time away from them every now and then. Need some help with a digital detox at home? Read on for our tips. 



1. Switch off 

First things first, switch off every device. And enjoy the silence. Now, decide what to do next. A power nap? Jotting down some thoughts in the diary you’ve been meaning to start? Or how about reading a few chapters of that book on your coffee table? For any of these activities, you’ll need a comfortable space complete with touchy-feely accessories – like some cushions or throws layered on your sofa or armchair. All that’s left to do? Relax.

2. Something else to look at

You don’t have to replace scrolling through articles with yet another activity. Stopping everything for a moment and taking a pause is a gift in itself, and could make a positive difference to your day. Make it a zen experience by hanging inspiring wall art throughout your space and surrounding yourself with objects you really love, like arty ceramics and trinkets collected on your travels. 

3. Give yourself a break

You’ve probably started cooking more these days, and eating in can be just as special as eating out. Serve up your homemade meals (or ready meals, we won’t judge) on a stylish dinner set, and replace mismatched cups with some matching glassware. The ultimate digestif? A board game. Competitive? Us?

4. Action!

All that R&R not for you? Physical activities are a sure-fire way to clear your mind of that constant flow of notifications. If you can’t venture outside very easily, bring the action to your living room. Whether it’s moving furniture around or rearranging trinkets for a new and improved look, it’ll leave you feeling energised while giving you a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it doubles as a gym session (only more fun).  

5. Green thumbs at the ready

Put on a good record and take some time to tend to your plants (according to Abderr from Daily Paper, your leafy friends love it as much as you do). Find the perfect spot for every variety, and be creative with where you put them – whether it’s on top of your bookcase, or covering your walls in an arty hanging planter. Your indoor jungle will become the ultimate escape from the frenzy of the modern world.

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