Emily Ezekiel art director at home in her kitchen in Leyton, East London

Art director Emily Ezekiel on how to create a signature look

There’s more to styling your home than picking a wall colour and some furniture. Lighting, textures, materials and those trinkets that add a personal touch are the layers that take your house to the next level. Artistic Director and Food Stylist Emily Ezekiel is a great believer in taking time to create your home’s signature look, and letting it evolve as your tastes do. See inside the terraced house she shares with boyfriend Sebastian in Leyton, East London.


Early start

Emily’s interest in interior design and styling was instinctive but early influences also played a part: “My dad had lots of successful careers and one of them was interior designer. His out-there art deco/ethnic taste always blew me away. He passed away three years ago and unfortunately not much was left to us. I wish I could go back in time and take the amazing art deco sofa and armchairs he had. And his African masks and one of Tom Dixon’s first ever lamps.”

Different tastes

“The kitchen was our biggest indulgence. We knew the kitchen needed to be the best room in the house. I was bored of all the standard kitchens everyone seems to have and then I came across ours. It reminded me of a Japanese bath house and a Scandi lake house all in one and knew it was for us.”

Happy accident

“I chose four colours subconsciously and stuck to them by accident. I’ve used a plaster-like dusty pink, a green/grey, dark dark blue, and white. Plus, I’ve added accents of black and brass,” says Emily. These natural decisions helped make Emily’s home feel both unique and authentic to her.

Smart living

Design pieces can say a lot about you and serve a purpose: “Vitti’s slim and modern design is so on point at the minute. It’s a great piece to squeeze into a narrow space - it makes the room feel bigger. Plus, the tiles add a brightness to its dark frame.”

On the ball

“The house was dark and gloomy when we first bought it. But we were determined to keep it bright and fresh. We used Farrow and Ball paint throughout. The down stairs and bedroom is All White, the kitchen is Settling Plaster, and the front door and garden is Railings. I’m currently looking for an amazing dark green to bring into the mix.”


“The brass Alana mirror in the bathroom was our first MADE.COM piece. I saw it and loved how big and beautiful it was. It arrived and was so well made I became hooked on MADE.”

Stacking up

“I love that Cairn is so versatile and it’s really handy to store all those annoying bits you have. We have it in the bathroom so I have somewhere to pop my tea when I’m in the bath. I also love that it’s inspired by Asian steam baskets.”

Don’t be swayed

“My one interior design regret is that I didn’t leave the bedroom unpainted. My brother Joe was the builder, he blew my mind with his skills and passion for his job. The house would never be what it is without him but he wasn’t keen on the raw plaster look so I was swayed.”

Dare to be you

“If I had to give one piece of advice, it would be to not fixate on the end goal. Give yourself time to make the choices. It’s okay to compromise on things... but not everything,” says Emily. “I think it’s important to ignore what other people have and what styles are in trend. It can make you doubt your choices. Be different if you are or choose subtler pieces if you like.”

Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements
Photography by: Liz Seabrook

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