Grand redesigns: Heather’s epic renovation

Grand redesigns: Heather’s epic renovation

PR manager and founder of, Heather Milner, used to be a colourphobe. But after renovating her home, she’s found a new love for warm, neutral hues. Now, her two bedroom house in Walthamstow, East London, is a Nordic haven with a safari twist. See how Heather and her husband Peter transformed their space and taste.

New beginnings

“When we moved in, the house was a total state. Everything needed doing… everything.” Taking on such a big project was daunting but had its benefits: “It’s why we could afford it and it was a really good chance to start from scratch. I’m quite particular so it made sense to buy something that needed everything doing so I could make it look exactly how I wanted.”

Work in progress

“We basically lived on a building site for about six months,” says Heather. “So we wanted everything to feel really crisp and clean so we painted everything white and we’re only finishing it with colours and wallpapers now, three years later.”

This is us

“We keep adding beautiful items which are snapshots of who we are, where we’ve been and what we love and it is creating an intricate tapestry of our lives which we get to live in.”

Upstairs / downstairs

“The bathroom used to be in a lean-to downstairs so we took one of the bedrooms and put it upstairs. Which is why we did a loft conversion, so we could get the third bedroom back.”

Colour me bold

“Little Greene’s The Invisible Green paint has totally transformed the bathroom and has given me the colour bug – I am constantly reassessing rooms and trying to see where I can create the next pop of colour or feature wall.”

The William Morris effect

“The Sandberg wallpaper in the office is a design classic and feels quite William Morris. Walthamstow is where he’s from and we’re a stone’s throw away from the William Morris Gallery. He’s just a big inspiration.”

Lighten the mood

“This room doesn’t really get any light so I wanted to give it a bit of personality. And the peachy, pinky tones are used throughout the house and are picked up in this wallpaper which makes the space flow.”

Sage words

“There’s a very eclectic mix of furniture and accessories in the house, which give it personality and makes it feel like mine. William Morris once said: ‘have nothing in your house that you don’t know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’ which definitely resonates with me.”

What’s in store

“I have a bit of an obsession with storage baskets and trunks. I have at least one in every room. Whether it’s for toilet rolls or for the logs for the fire, they’re a neat and effective way to keep things tidy.”

Shining example

“The Ogilvy wall lights are my favourite. I wanted something to frame the vanity area. They throw the most amazing soft light onto the wall and help create a really strong focal point in what is otherwise a very small space.”

Absolutely plastered

“I’m naturally a bit of a colourphobe.” As Heather’s new floor plan instinctively changed and grew, so did her colour palette. “In the loft, we decided to go for the plaster colour because when we first plastered the room, it was really warm and cosy and we wanted to keep it like that. And that kind of peachy, pink colour filtered through the house.”

Wrinkles and time

“The Brisa bedding is in both bedrooms. I love linen. It’s great to sleep in. I’m never going back to cotton. Plus, it just gets better with age and you don’t have to iron it, which is the dream.”

Living it

“I love that the house feels totally ours because we have lived and breathed every single part of its restoration journey.”

Article written by: Carly-Ann Clements
Photography by: Veerle Evens

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